Special Winter Products

Brand-new winter product line, for a limited time!  

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Stainless Steel Propane Patio Heater




Patio Heater, upright, propane (tank not included), battery ignitor, low output to high output, stainless steel, 46,000 BTU, ETL. *Comes in box, some assembly required*

Heat Range: 175 sq. ft.


$449.50 / each (+ tax)


Stainless Steel Propane Patio Heater

Model: 2890

Outdoor Patio Heater, portable, mushroom style, 21″W x 87″H (18″W base x 32″W   reflector x 87″H overall), weather resistant, piezoelectric pulse ignition, easy of/off tank access, hose & regulator included, sectional    4-piece aluminum reflector, holds 20/30 lb. propane & butane tanks, casters, stainless steel, 48,000 BTU, CE, CSA.

$564.00 / each (+ tax)


40 lbs. ICE ATTACK® Snow & Ice Melter Bag

Manufactured By: Frank Miller & Sons Inc.

Environmentally Friendly!


Generates instant melting action!
Exclusive combination of potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium chloride and urea. Melts down to -12 ˚

~ Includes one 40lb bag~


  $19.99 / bag (+ tax)